DHA Gujranwala 5 Marla Balloting Results Announced

Apr 10, 2018 @ 06:02 PM
DHA Gujranwala 5 Marla Balloting Results Announced
DHA Gujranwala is yet another modernized housing project to cater the living needs of the people. However, this project becomes one of the most demanding project as its files were selling like hot cakes. The announcement of the recent balloting results of DHA Gujranwala has created much excitement among the applicants who have applied for it. 

The Bottle-Neck Competition before Balloting

There was a bottle-neck competition going on before the balloting results of DHA Gujranwala 5 Marla files. A sizeable number of applicants have applied for it. To our amaze, they have not submitted the application for one time, rather, each single applicant has submitted its application forms as several times as possible and through whatever means possible in multiple categories and several application in order to try their luck. This was mainly due to the DHA brand name and also due to the lowest non-refundable processing fee of Rs.3000/-

An Insight into the Market Scenario

Before the announcement of the balloting results, the market was going out of affidavit files. The affidavit files were the most popular item among the real estate investors who are actively participating in the project details. As the affidavit files are easy to transfer to the owner’s name and it is recommended course of action among the real estate investors. 

Balloting Results Announced 

DHA Gujranwala balloting results for 5 Marla plots was held on April 4,2018. The DHA Gujranwala management had sent out invitations to their esteemed guests to grace the event with their presence. It is an estimate that approximately 300,000 people have applied for the 5 Marla scheme, although the figures are not confirmed by the DHA authorities but an intelligent guess considering the lowest non-refundable fee and the extended date. Both shows that a considerably large proportion of the masses have applied for this scheme.

This is a positive sign as well. As people are showing confidence in the real estate builders of Pakistan. Further, it also shows signs of the peace and positive trajectory of economic condition. As masses are staying back in their homeland. Not only the residents have applied but a sizeable portion of the foreign residents have also applied in this project.  
There were total 4000 winners, the categorization of this figure are as follows:
  • General Public = 3200
  • Overseas winners = 400
  • Serving/retired officers and govt/semi-gov. officers = 280 
  • Senior Citizens = 120


In a nutshell, balloting results of DHA Gujranwala 5 Marla was one of the most overwhelming project perceived by the public. They have shown great confidence on the authorities of DHA by applying in a sizeable proportion. Though the seats were very few as compared to the applicants applied. But we congratulate to the lucky winners and better luck next time to those who applied but could got lucky enough.

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