Key Tips for Small House Designs in Pakistan

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Key Tips for Small House Designs in Pakistan

Designing a house with proper architectural design catering all the needs of the resident is a task. But designing a small house requires a lot of effort not only in terms of find an appropriate designer but also coordinating with him to finalize the design that portrays the best architectural approach and a beautiful outlook.

You have come across many such houses layouts of smaller covered areas, i.e., 5 Marla or 3 Marla which despite being small areas but very well constructed. The architects have utilized the spaces very cleverly to give a spacious look and manages the other mandatory things of the house. While on the other hand, there are houses with comparatively large areas of 10 Marla but are very poorly constructed. The reason is the poor structuring balance between the design and the area covered.

At we help you by providing guidelines regarding how to design a small house so that I will not only look spacious in terms of spacing but also cater the requirements of a full house with nothing left on the basis of space issue.  

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Designing a mansion or a bungalow is not a difficult task as they already have acres of land by their side on which you can allot as much space to the required portion without any tension, while that is not the case with the small house. You need to be careful enough to allot spaces to every room as per the frequency of its usage and demand by the concerned resident. The following key tips will hep you in designing a small house to the best possible level.

Small House Design Tips:  

If you ask owners of the small house they will tell you their design preference in terms of the spacious house which gives some space to walk around in the house, a bit decoration and also consuming the necessary things within it. This trick is mostly seen in the high-end apartments. I would suggest you before designing your house just visit any high-end luxurious apartments they have utilized the space surprisingly well. By connecting living dinning and leaving a room for the walking around space. All these things make your small house worth living.

Living Areas:

The Pakistani culture of families has a unique tradition of sitting together in all types of situation. Living area is a place used most of the times for family get togethers. So, it is advisable that a reasonable space should be allotted to this area which can accommodate at-least 6 people sitting in one room. 


The bedrooms should be moderate in terms of size as at the end of the day you are resting there after a tiring day. They shouldn’t be too small that it only hardly accommodates the bed. It should be suitable enough to letting some space left in your room. Speaking of a small house design, ideally speaking, a 3-5marla house has 3 bedrooms leaving the suitable place for the other mandatory requirements. With one bedroom in the ground floor while the 2 on the first floor. Among those two one can be made a master bedroom equipped with all the requirements.  


Each bed room must have the attach bathroom so that the person residing in the room doesn’t have to roam around in the house for its needs. And one bathroom must be made at the backyard of the house for the guests. The type of guests whom you don’t want them to enter in your house privacy.


Kitchen is the second most occupied place after the living. As the culture of the Pakistani families, women spend most of the time in kitchen for house hold chores, so the kitchen should also be given a sound space.


It is advisable that a small storage is built with the kitchen adjacent with the room in the ground floor. With a door opening from the kitchen and from the room to that storage. That will serve the needs of the dual perspective. 


The size of the garage is to minimum cater the small car. The garage shouldn’t be ignored as it is the main entrance. It should be spacious as well.   


In a nutshell, designing a small house is a difficult task, be very careful in designing the layout of your house. At we help you in designing the best small house for you with you and connecting you with your right partners in making your house a dream place. Helping You to Live the Life You Dreamed Of! 

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