Everything You Need to Know about Fazaia housing scheme Lahore

Everything You Need to Know about Fazaia housing scheme Lahore

Fazaia housing scheme is one of the most promising residential project in Lahore being managed by Pakistan Air Force (PAF). The society provides the most modern life style with all the amenities that are required for a happy family life.

Where Fazaia housing scheme is located:

Fazaia housing scheme is in the southern side of Lahore city. There are two phases of Fazaia housing scheme, Phase 1 is on main Raiwind road, near Sharif city road and Defence road. This area is of high significance as Lahore ring road interchange at adda plot stop main Raiwind road, is on the way of execution. Whereas phase 2 is located on Sharif medical city road. Phase 2 is located quite close proximity of developments such as, Superior university, Beacon house university and sharif medical and dental college. M-2 Motorway and Thokar Niaz Baig can be reached from Fazaia housing scheme phase 1, in few minutes’ drive.

What is Current Development Status:

Fazaia housing scheme is a fully developed gated community. Fazaia housing scheme phase 1, is partly populated where families are settled. On the other hand, in Fazaia housing scheme phase 2, the development work on roads and streets have been completed by the developer, the sewerage lines have been laid In addition to that, the plot numbers are marked and the areas for parks, mosque, and other public facility have been identified. The development work is almost 80% done.

Suitability for families / Community:

A - Is this area safe for families:  

Fazaia housing scheme phase-1 is completely developed and livable. Currently, partial population can be seen there and one can settle there as the community is properly secure by 24/7 security and surveillance team. Whereas Phase 1, is near to final stage of completion as the development work is 80% done. 

B – what about Schools and Colleges Fazaia Housing Scheme:

As of any other developed housing Project, Fazaia housing scheme is also determined to provide quality education to its residents. International standard school is going to be established very soon.

C- What if Someone seek medical care:

Hospital with excellent building and trained paramedic staff is also the part of this well-planned housing project.

D – Where is the Police Station located:

There is one Haloki police station which is of 15 minutes’ drive from lake city. The other one is Raiwind city police station that is around 18 km from lake city. 

E – Where to go for Shopping:

Large commercial area is designated on the verge of main boulevard fazaia housing scheme where construction of shopping centers can be seen partially. Which eventually going to be developed in later time. 

F- Is there any park in the society:

To promote healthy lifestyle Fazaia housing scheme has community parks which offers jogging tracks and lush green views.

G – what are the Entertainment options there:

At present there is not any prominent entertainment place but as this project populates by the time, one can expect to witness multiple entertainment options there. Community center with library, beauty parlor, banquet hall is part of development plan. 

Who is Maintaining this Society:

This project is planned, developed and maintained by Pakistan air force.

Which Income Group prefers to reside there:

Middle and Upper middle class prefers to be the part of this Safe and secure gated community. The living cost in Fazaia housing scheme is the same as compared to other residential societies in Lahore.

What is the Average property price and Rate in this Society:

When we talk of the average property price that means we are referring to property price index. So, the property price index in Fazaia housing scheme is around PKR 22,32 / Sq ft

What is Return on Investment (ROI) Rate

Fazaia housing scheme is one of the most iconic housing projects in Lahore, that is why it is considered very seriously by investors especially its Phase II where development work is about to complete. The prices in Phase II, have increased significantly in recent past and expected to rise further due expansion of Raiwind road and proposed interchange of LLR (Lahore ring road) to be built at adda plot stop. The alternate route that gives access from main Khyaban-e-jinnah is also a key price booster in Fazaia housing scheme Lahore.


Fazaia housing scheme phase 1 and 2 are entering in new development phase to offer exclusive housing and lifestyle experience. With the announcement of Lahore ring road interchange at adda plot, Fazaia housing scheme offers prime location and easy access from any busy locate In and around Lahore. by the completion of development work in Fazaia housing scheme phase II, the prices are going to increase significantly, so in our view this is the right time to invest in Fazaia housing scheme to earn healthy return. 


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