Tips to Decorate your Newborn Baby Room

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Tips to Decorate your Newborn Baby Room

Parenthood is the most beautiful moment in the life of a couple. Looking towards the future as a growing family. Strengthening the intricate fabric of family with unconditional love and sacrifices made in this journey. Imaging the giggles and cries of their child. Parents imagine the whole journey in the blink of an eye. From that moment onward, every moment, each step and every phase become a unique experience.

To celebrate your excitement towards that new journey and to make it’s every moment special for you, we are standing right by your side to help you. Here are few tips to decorate the room of your newborn.

The Crib Bedding

Investing your finance in your little baby crib bed is the most exciting thing. While you are buying the crib, do cross check it from the safety point of view and the bars height as well. Most of the children slept in their cribs till 3 years of age, so make sure that they serve the purpose. Decorate it with colorful knots and with animated bed sheets.

Day-Bed with Story-book Shelves  

Place a day-bed in your baby’s room with you can use it for change-over as well. complement the wall of the day bed with the story book shelve, which has range of kid’s stories, colorful and 3D-dimension. This will grab the attention of your little sunshine, and also make your kid love books.

Pastel Hues

Embellish the walls of the room with the pastel hues which gives a soft and pleasant feeling to the room. Avoid using red color in the room, as they will see as the only color and also leave a strong impression on them. Start with the light pink, blues, peach colors which gives a serene look to the room.

Subtle Lightning    

Use the subtle lights in the room and not high intensity lights. Kids are more comfortable and easy going with the low lights as it gives a calmer look. Besides this, also add dimmer in the lightning room, to change the lights with the mood. Or story time you can lower the lights and with colors changing. This will always engage your child and make it happier.  

Animated Furniture 

To add more fun in your newborn baby room furnish it with animated furniture’s. this includes famous animal cartoon characters, some colorful car shapes and with barbie characters as well.   

Colorful Draws   

Paint the draws or use multi-color sheet for your child room. This will help you in customizing the furniture. Added to this, it will also give a very lively look to the room.

Storage to Ceiling  

Create a storage till ceiling this can be used to accommodate so multiple things at one place and also gives a tidy look to the room. You can place baby diapers, lotions, toys and other stuff I different sections of the storage. So that whenever you need anything, you know its exact spot and you can access it easily.

Organized Wardrobe   

To accommodate the tinier wardrobe attached two rods in the closer and hangs the small clothes on it which are going to be used next. Besides this, make small colorful separators with highlights different section of the baby’s wardrobe.   


In a nutshell, decorating a room for your newborn is the most exciting things for parents, as they want the best for their child. At we help you with the new up-coming trends of the newborn baby room designing. The above list is just the start, we will come with more exciting trends and idea which brighten your home. Stay tuned in. Helping You to Live the Life You Dreamed Of!

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