Creating Lasting Impact by Designing Your Living Room

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Creating Lasting Impact by Designing Your Living Room

Designing your living room is the most crucial part of your home as it not only makes the first impression of your aesthetic sense on the other person but it also accommodates the guests. Subject to your designing approach, it provides comfort to the person residing there or can create frustration. Colors and art has a huge impact on our lives. It has the power to sooth your soul and ignite the fire of passion, only with the help of colors. They define our personality. Art and color speaks for their selves regarding the owner, you don’t need to explain your motive. It is already well depicted in your taste which you portray through designing your living room.  

Here are few guidelines for designing your living room to the best of our knowledge and experience and how to create a lasting impact.

1- Grab Pictures of Your Favorite Living Rooms    

It is advisable that you collect the favorite pictures of the living rooms you liked and list down the things which you like most in it. After listing down the things, do the market survey to identify which of the items you can afford and which you can’t afford. Make a priority list of those items matching with your budget. The things which you cannot afford, find a replacement of those things and even if you don’t find such things, its good to design your living room with the minimum things and keep it simple and spacious. That will also give a chick look to your living rooms.   

2- Start with the Design of the Floor  

First things first, start with the designing of the floor. Design of the floor determines the kind of decoration you want to do with your living room. If the floor is comprised of plain simple tiles of subtle colors then it is suggested that the living room will be decorated with creamy and skin colors furniture covers and curtains. This color scheme will give you a sense of brightness and a wide vision spectrum. Likewise, if you have allotted large space to the living room, you can decorate it with bold colors and in-contrast with such colors-pieces of art and furniture. This will give your living room an aesthetic and artistic look.  

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3- Furniture Sizes

The size of the furniture is very important while designing your living room. The normal size furniture will liberate the space needed for the movement of the living person and for the air to maintain its balance by avoiding suffocation. If in a small living room, you decorate it with heavy and voluminous furniture it will give you a congested look. While on the other hand if you use medium size and light weight furniture, it will give your living room a decent look. But if you have huge space for living room then you can use heavy and voluminous furniture subject to the space available. Added, it also gives your living room a worth look.      

4- Light Punctuations

Role of lightning in enhancing the décor of your living room is very important. It is suggested to use low intensity and subtle lights which give you a soothing effect. Light has its own heat as well. if you use high intensity lights in your medium size living room, there is a high probability that it will warm up your living room beyond a normal temperature, keeping in mind the hot and humid atmosphere of Pakistan, it will be difficult to sit in the living room in the evenings of the summer, considering the fact of load shedding as well in Pakistan.       

5- Rugs and Carpets  

Small rugs and carpets also adds beauty to your living room. It will enhance the vision of the floor, furniture and other decoration. It compliments the whole decoration. It is advisable to use rugs and carpets depending upon the color scheme you have already utilized in your whole setup.   


Designing your living room is the most exciting part of the home as it gives a vision of your artistic taste in one look. We at helps you in designing your living room by giving you the most trending ideas. Stay in touch with us for more home decoration ideas. Helping You to Live the Life You Dreamed Of!

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