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  • ‟I have only been with www.jydad.com for couple of months. Since then Jydad team is managing my agency account very efficiently. I must say, they are striving to help and support property relators and agencies in getting valuable leads. On top of this the user experience, look and feel of this portal is somewhat different than, the existing property portals in the market. Keeping in consideration, their presence in the market I would strongly suggest to come and benefit from the valuable wide range of property related information.ˮ


    Sajjad Amin Agency

  • ‟If you want your property to be visible among all demographics, then www.jydad.com is one of the right choices available in Pakistan. I believe this portal is enabling and facilitating the buyers, sellers and renters to connect with real estate agents and developers. No other property portal is offering as much visibility and projection to developers and their projects, as www.jydad.com is offering. I am being quite certain that Jydad will emerge as leading real estate market place by empowering consumers with property market knowledge and connecting them with best local professionals who can help.ˮ


    Ehsan Chaudhary Agency

  • ‟Today, everything Is going digital and one must understand this fact by exploring new digital marketing platform, so as I do. I have tried and tested www.jydad.com services and found this quite dependable. Their more focused property guide, helps individuals to remain updated with the varied property market trends in Pakistan. Whereas the property relators and Agencies are concerned, my office staff is quite at ease as the back-end process of publishing any property is very simple and easy to understand. If you are in touch with property market with any aspect, I would consider www.jydad.com a must try platform.ˮ


    Usman Saleem Agency

  • ‟Jydad.com is very user friendly and a comprehensive marketing platform for our real estate business. We look forward to have a continuing business relationship.ˮ


    Abdul Sattar Chaudhry Agency